Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin slots is not the perfect term, but you will find that it comes quite handy. The main issue with so called Bitcoin casinos is that the game selection and variety most of them offer is very limited. In fact, 50% of them offer just dice and some simplistic versions of blackjack and roulette. And that’s ok for some.

But, if you are looking to play in a real casino, which offers plenty of games including slot machines, you came to the right place. Here you can find all the necessary information on playing real money slots with Bitcoins: how things work, what to look for, which games have the best odds and of course best bitcoin slots casinos.

We address all our visitors, we will split this article into two parts. First part is for those who are well acquainted with cryptocurrencies and just looking for a solid place to pay. While below we will give some additional info for those of you that are new to Bitcoin, but willing to give it a try.

Best Casinos to Play Bitcoin Slots

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Bitcoin in Gambling

Bitcoin has already a long history, but when it comes to gambling – it took time till it became noticeable. We can mark 2016 as the year all has changed and BTC became an integral part of online gambling. Surprisingly, it’s not the meteoric price rise of 2017 (although it obviously helped). The main force that drove its success was/is the luck of clear legislation of online gambling.

The problem with those grey markets is that people still play online, but they are limited by few aspects:

  1. Number of casinos to choose from.
  2. Their quality.
  3. The banking methods they can use to deposit and withdraw funds.

The first two can be solved quite easily, since you don’t need 1000 online casinos, you just need few good ones. But when it comes to finding simple, fast and safe banking methods – the solution yet to be found.

And here comes Bitcoin. First it started as a peculiar trend of so called “Bitcoin casinos”, but then it became a solution for USA, Russian, Eastern European players, looking to gamble online and to be paid not by check after 3 weeks, not by wire after 7-14 days, but instantly.

Now if you check USA friendly casinos, most of them do accept Bitcoins. That doesn’t mean that they all do it well, but we had to start somewhere.

So what are the advantages of playing at online casinos with Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Deposits Pros and Cons

When it comes to bitcoin casino deposits, the benefits and drawbacks are pretty clear and straightforward.

Bitcoin Pros

Fast withdrawals: At good casinos it can be almost instant.

Higher withdrawal limits: For example in US, France and now Australia, the average max withdrawal amount stands on $2,000 – $4,000. With Bitcoin, you can easily withdraw $8,000 and even $10,000 at a time.

Bitcoin Cons

Technologically advanced: it’s not as complicated as it sounds at first, however it does require some knowledge and understanding. If you are afraid of computers, we recommend you to use some more standard banking method.

Bitcoin is a Currency: it is important to understand. BTC price can fluctuate and those fluctuations can be volatile. So unlike with USD or Euro, when you play with Bitcoins their value changes from day to day. You might have deposited something equivalent to $100, finished level and yet now those bitcoins are worth $80. Of course, they can also be worth $120, (or $200 based on the recent charts). In either case, that is something to consider.

Bitcoin casino variety: unfortunately, the number of sites that all you to play slot machines with Bitcoins is still limited and their level is below average. So you must be picky and choose only the most known and reputable once.

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