How to Win at Slot Machines?

How can you win slot machines? Is there a technique or just pure luck? The answer: it’s complicated. Slot machines by nature are a game of luck. Despite what you may read, there is NO way to insure a win on slot machine. And yet by using information available online, you can significantly increase your winning odds.

By choosing to play slots online you are already half way there. Online slot machines payout rates are much higher than in land slots. Therefore by playing real money slots online, you already have a higher chance to walk way with cash than in any brick and mortar casino.

Before we go deeper, here is a quick summary. You can skip to the part that interests you most: 

  1. Picking the loosest slot machines
  2. Using No deposit bonus codes
  3. Finding best cashable casino bonuses with low wagering requirements
  4. Understanding how online slots work. 

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Slot Machine Tips

1. Pick the Loosest Slots

Unlike in land casinos, where there is no official information on a game’s return, many online slots providers post the exact RTP of each slot. It’s surprising how many players ignore this valuable information. You would never buy a jacket or laptop without checking it’s price, and the same logic goes here.

It’s impossible to list the payout of all online slots, but we prepared an updated rating of the Loosest Slot Machines available online. Below, you can also find links to loosest slots by software. At the end of the day, playing slot machines with 98% payout vs. 88% will be a lot of money.







2. Cashable Bonuses

Not all bonuses are beneficial. In fact, many bonuses will only bind you to terms that lower your odds. However due to fierce competition, there are some great slots bonuses available online. You just need to know how to pick them up.

Some of the best online casinos offer welcome bonuses that will bring your expected RTP above 100%. Meaning, you will have an edge over the house. How is that possible? Simple. There are solid and reputable online casinos that are sure their superb service will have you becoming a regular player. They don’t mind loosing on your first deposits and so they offer great bonuses. Here you can find a list of the Best Cashable Bonuses with the lowest wagering requirements.

3. Online Slot Machines Are Smarter

You probably heard the abbreviation RNG. If not RNG, or random number generator, is the algorithm behind all slot machines. It is the program that chooses which symbols to show every time you hit “spin”. There are many myths surrounding RNG and many write that it can be predicted in certain way. Sadly, that’s not true. Still, there are certain features in online slots that can generate you an advantage.

Hitting “spin” on land slots is like throwing a coin. It doesn’t matter what happened the 100 previous times, each spin has similar chances. Online slot machines are “smarter”. They do remember what happened. That way the casino can shorten the periods of loosing and winning streaks and keep the payout rate closer to what is programmed. This prevents one player from winning again and again, or loosing again and again. It gives each player a win from time to time.

Some might say: “That doesn’t make sense. That way a player can sit each time till the slot machine pays and cash out and the casino will go bankrupt.” That’s not true of course. First, the casino set’s the payout below 100%, therefore in the long run, the house will keep a certain percentage of the total bets.  Second, online casinos and slot machines are different. In land based casinos, only one player can play the specific slot at a time, but online there can be dozens or hundreds of players using the same slot machine at the same time. The slot will pay up, but none of the players know to whom.

So how we can use it in our advantage and increase our chances?

Rule #1: Know when to stop. To be more precise: know when to leave the slot machine and move on to the next. If you hit the jackpot or had a nice streak (our thumb rule is when you reached 10 times your original amount) it’s the time to move on. Personally after getting a nice win, I make few additional spins and then move on. Eventually the slot needs to level up and I don’t want to be there to see that happen.

The last tip in this article is not easy to follow. We suggest it only for those with extreme patience and high bankroll (1,000$/£/€).

Rule #2: Don’t switch slots every few spins. The idea behind this rule is similar to the previous one, but this part is harder. If you are playing one slot for some time, eventually it has to pay. So it’s better to stick to one slot machine till it pays. The problem here, as we stated before, is that you are probably not the only one playing this specific slot machine. That’s why you should go for slots that are less popular. So how can you find them? Avoid the ones that are most visible, do not play the ones at the top of the table.
I am not very patient and I rarely use this strategy. The only time I play like this is when I test a new online casino. Since the casino is new, I know there are almost no players. Combine that with an unpopular slot and the chances are high that I am the only one sitting on this particular slot. With new casinos, this method worked 7 out of 10 times I tried it. And don’t forget, the payout rate of most online casinos is around 96-98%, so you don’t need much. You just need a little bit of patience to turn the odds in your favor.

Last and not least: Slots are not about making money, but fun and excitement.

Check out our best casino bonuses and 5 best payout casinos pages that will help you get started. Enjoy and Have fun!

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