Shooting Stars Supernova Slot

Free Shooting Stars Supernova Slot

There’s something just enrapturing about outer space. One look across the beautiful sky shows just how vast the whole universe is. Each little glimmering dot is a far-away sun, perhaps with its own solar system, its own people staring back at us in that exact same moment, wondering just what sort of great wonders lie hidden among those mysterious, life-giving orbs that are scattered throughout the universe.

Shooting Stars Supernova slot, a new take on the classic Shooting Stars slot machine, is played on a 5×3 playing field with 10 fixed paylines which pay both left and right, while you’re treated to some spectacular, extra-terrestrial views. It offers a few bonuses that lucky gamblers will be able to make good use of – such as Shooting Star Wilds that have the possibility to expand and activate re-spins and Supernova icons that act as mystery symbols before they all transform into the exact same regular icon from the playing field.

This new Novomatic slot machine has low-medium volatility, meaning players won’t get the same huge jackpots as high volatility titles offer, but those features are more easy to trigger, as a result. The RTP is 96.11%, which is pretty much average.

Free Shooting Stars Supernova Slot

Why to play Shooting Stars Supernova

  • Awesome bonuses – we’re quite happy with the bonuses this Novomatic release offers players. Expanding Wilds and attached re-spins are always welcome, and paired with what effectively boil down to be mystery symbols, you create a very fun gameplay loop that occurs often enough to keep players interested, but not so common that you can’t tie some decent wins behind it when all the stars align properly. Free spins may be a staple, but sometimes, it’s nice to try something different.
  • Hi Roller mode – A lot of slots try to appease players by giving them a wide betting range and hoping everyone finds their mix. Shooting Stars: Supernova doesn’t entirely break free from this, either, but it takes a step in the right direction, allowing more serious gamblers to use two different Hi Roller options, Silver mode costs 5x the wager and has stacked Wilds on the middle three reels, while the Gold mode costs 10x the wager, and has stacked Wilds on all five reels.

Why not to play?

  • All too simple – This may end up being a matter of preference more than anything, but we felt it was worth mentioning. Shooting Stars: Supernova is very much so comfortable in its skin, allowing the gameplay to cycle between regular playtime and the two features it offers, swapping back and forth in an enjoyable, but predictable rhythm. If you want more features or something to break things up, you might want to try another title. Yet, if you want something simple and to the point, it’s awesome to play.

Bonus Features

The Novomatic release has two special features available to its players.

Shooting Star Bonus

Shooting star Wilds appear on the second, third and fourth reel. When they land, they expand to cover the entirety of that reel, and then, the player is rewarded with a re-spin with the expanded Wild locked in place. If another Wild lands during this time, the process is repeated.

Supernova Bonus

Supernova symbols land and transform into one of the other standard symbols or even the Wild, allowing players to use it not only to trigger the Shooting Star bonus but also to create better odds of winning.

Our Verdict

This is a simple and to the point video slot. It has two bonuses that are quite easy to get to grips with, fun gameplay that keeps you on your toes, and a theme quite literally out of this world. This Novomatic release has great potential – let’s hope we see it realized.

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