Best Payout Keno Games


Here we you can find the best payout keno games available online. Now I know that most Keno players are not interested in odds, returns and so forth. My mother and her friends are vivid Keno fans and when I first mentioned that they should check the payouts before they start playing, I was completely ignored.

Then, I decided to present it in a different way. I came to them and said that I can explain them how they can player twice longer and win twice more in just 5 minutes. And, I will use the words “odds” and “percentage” only once each. Needless to say, that it ended with success.

So here it goes…

Simple Way to Increase Your Playtime and Keno Winnings

You do not need to know math, odds, statistics or anything of that type to do that. All you need to know is that different keno games, especially online keno games, have different rules and therefore your chances of winning vary from one to another.

The casinos know that keno players are not much into odds and they use it to their advantage by offering games with truly awful odds. However, not all games are like that, and there are ones that are actually quite good. You just need to know to pick the right ones.

Below, you can find an explanation on why it is so important – I really recommend you to read it. But if we got you bored already, you can skip and just pick one of the games below – these are the best paying keno games you can find online.

Two small things to notice:

  1. Not all games are available in all countries. The basic split is between US keno games and the rest of the world – so if you wish to play keno for real money, choose the one that is available in your geo location.
  2. Second – the best winning chances in each game vary based on the number of picks you make. So you need choose the one that suites your game preferences. For example, if you like to pick just 4-5 numbers, you should go with KenoLab. However, if your goal is the maximum jackpot for 15 picks, Microgaming Keno is your game of choice.

7. Fortune Keno and Keno Xperiment

Great titles developed by Playtech. This game suites all keno players. No matter how many picks you would like to make (10 is the maximum), you will get a solid return of 92% and higher. That’s about 30% higher than in any land based casino.

Keno Xperiment

Best for UK, EU, AUS, CA, NZ players. Not available in US.

Play Xperiment at Bet365 Casino with a special bonus

6. Bonus Keno

Unique game developed by NetEnt. Unlike the other titles on our list, this is a Progressive Keno Game – which means that besides the regular winnings you are also competing for another jackpot which grows with each $ played.

Bonus Keno

The payout of Bonus Keno stands on solid 94.2%.

Best for UK, EU, AUS, CA, NZ players. Not available in US.

Play it at Royal Panda casino with €/$/£ 100 Bonus

5. Golden Bonanza Keno

Pretty much similar to the previous one on the list but with higher return. Developed by Amaya and offers 95% return.

Golden Bonanza Keno

Best for UK, EU, AUS, CA, NZ players. Not available in US.

Play Golden Bonanza with €/$/£ 200 at BET365

4. Klub Keno

Great game for our USA visitors. Offers great design and great chances of winning. You will get 95% all the way . Maximum number of picks is 10. The best result you will get for 10 picks – 95.8%.

Klub Keno

Play Klub Keno with 22 No Deposit Bonus at Slots LV

3. Kenotronic, KenoLab, Keno Pop & Jackpot Keno

Three games developed by 1×2 Gaming, one of the best keno slots developers. All three offer similar rules, just with different design and graphics. Here you can play free Jackpot keno, Keno Pop and Kenolab.

Jackpot Keno

The highest return here stands on 95.8%.

Best number of picks: 2-5

Best for UK, EU, AUS, CA, NZ players. Not available in US.

Play it at Royal Panda casino with €/$/£ 100 Bonus

2. Vegas Jackpot Keno

Best game for US casino players, developed by Rival. Offers a whopping 96.48% payout!!! for 10 picks.

Vegas Jackpot Keno

Play it at Slots Capital Casino with $ 2.777 Bonus

1. Microgaming Keno – The Best Keno Game Online

If you are looking for the best payout keno games, Microgaming keno is your best choice.

You should go with 13, 14 or 15 picks. For 13 picks you will get 96.5% odds.

Best Payout Keno Games Online

Best for UK, EU, AUS, CA, NZ players. Not available in US.

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