Cleopatra Keno

Cleopatra Keno

Cleopatra Comes Bearing Gifts

The game of Keno has a rich history, dating all the way back to ancient China. It is even rumored that Keno helped fund building the Great Wall of China. Today, there are many variations and adaptions of this game. It is not surprising that one rendition combines another historical figure, Queen Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was the last ruler of Egypt’s Ptolemaic Dynasty. Although she lived over two thousand years ago, her legend lives on. Her legacy is often embodied in modern casino gaming, such as the Cleopatra Slots. Her popularity in the industry continues with these Keno game makers.

Cleopatra Keno’s beauty goes beyond just the surface. Like most Keno game variations, this version offers an interesting twist. If the final number drawn contributes to your win, you will get 12 free games. The payouts on those 12 games will be doubled as well.

Free Cleopatra Keno

Does This Mean We Should Pick More Numbers?

When many people are considering playing Cleopatra Keno, they are thinking about strategies. There is a prevalent idea that picking more numbers will give you more opportunities to win bonuses, free games and extra payouts.

This theory is true, but game designers don’t make it this easy.
Cleopatra Keno Online

The way payouts are set up means that it doesn’t matter how many numbers you pick. The pay tables are constructed to provide an edge to the casino regardless.

The house edge with Cleopatra Keno is about 10%, which tends to be more than you see with slots or video poker. However, it certainly is better than traditional brick and mortar Keno drawings. If you are looking for keno with better odds you can check our top 7 Keno games list.

More Bonuses Can Be More Fun

If you like bonuses and free games, it doesn’t hurt the odds to select more numbers with your Keno games. You will increase your chances by picking more, even going as high as 10.

While the payouts may be distributed so it won’t make a difference to your returns, the more numbers generally means more prizes. If you are lucky and it turns into more games, it will help your odds of winning in a different sense.

Video Keno is simply more fun overall. Cleopatra Keno has all of the game play you could imagine. No wonder it is such a big hit!

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