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The One Thing That Makes Super Keno Super

Super Keno is an online video Keno game variation that is very similar to regular Keno.  If you know how to play Keno, you already know how to play Super Keno.

Players make their selections, the numbers are drawn, and depending on how many of your numbers are drawn, this determines your payout, if any.  All you really have to know is how much you want to bet and how many numbers you wish to select.

The difference in this particular game is that if you match the first number drawn, your payout becomes quadrupled (Similar to Power Keno, just that in Power Keno it’s the last ball quadruples the payout).  Usually, specific numbers do not have any special significance, while Super Keno does provide some additional excitement and entertainment to playing Keno.

Free Super Keno

This Really Is All About Entertainment

People play Keno for one major reason, and that reason is that they enjoy playing.  Part of that entertainment is the excitement of playing for bigger payouts than you would see at casino table games.

So this is what attracts Keno players generally, and if you could add a wrinkle to the game to make it even more fun, well that would make the game even better.  So this is what Super Keno serves to do, and many players do indeed enjoy Super Keno more.

Some players shoot for smaller payouts, some pick more numbers and look to really hit it big, and everything in between.  Regardless of your preferences though, if there’s a chance that the payouts you normally seek can be quadrupled, this indeed does make playing the game more interesting.

One of the real advantages that video Keno has over traditional Keno is the sheer pace of the video version of this game.  With traditional Keno, you have to wait for the draw, but with video Keno, the computer will do a Keno draw for you whenever you wish.

So you not only have the added excitement of the possibility of 4 times normal payouts, you can pack in as much fun as you desire into your playing session, as the speed of the game is set to as quick as you can select your numbers.

Strategy and Payouts

Video Keno also has the benefit of much better odds to the player, as opposed to traditional, land based Keno, which is famous for its quite unfavorable odds.  Here the average house edge stands on 8%. That means 92% payouts, vs. the average 75% in brick and mortar casinos.

The bets with the low odds though tend to be simple 1:1 bets, and if you want to play bigger, you do have to pay for it in higher house edges.  Super Keno may actually be the best mix of bigger payouts and reasonable odds that you will ever see in fact.

As far as strategy goes, it’s always wise to avoid picking just one or two numbers. 3 to 10 numbers deliver about the same house edge. Other than that, it just comes down to your own playing preferences as far as how many you want to go with.

Bottom line: Great game variation, one that many Keno players have come to love.

Super Keno was last modified: February 24th, 2021 by Mark Cesley