Free USA Keno by RTG

USA Keno Online

RTG Keno is not a real contender for the best keno game online, but it’s a fun game to play and it’s very popular between USA keno players. If you wish to play it for real money, you can do that in one of our recommended RTG casinos.

Our main problem with this game is the relatively low average return. Naturally, it’s much higher than in land based casinos, but if you compare it with Microgaming Keno or Jackpot Keno, it’s not in the same league.


Picks: 1-15                     Betting limits: 1 c – $10
Highest Payout: 86.7% (11 picks)
Biggest Jackpot: $1,00000 (for $10 bet)

RTG Keno

Design & Gameplay

When it comes to design and features, we can say that RTG Keno is a bit old-fashioned. The layout is very simple and without any special video effects. It’s not bad or good, but just how it is. Some players like those visual interludes while other looking for simple, straightforward game.

What you should pay attention to is that due to that, the game is extremely fast. Especially if you choose to use Quick Pick and 5 / 10 game play. If you do so, you can play around 30 games per minute which is a lot. Therefore we recommend to play 1 game at a time; that way you can actually enjoy the game and it won’t eat your balance if the machine is cold.

Rules & Odds

Pick 1030.75
Pick 200140.8418
Pick 3002400.8325
Pick 400141500.8451
Pick 500021318000.841
Pick 60001510018000.8142
Pick 7000023040080000.851
Pick 800000101201600300000.854
Pick 9000005603004000500000.85
Pick 10000002251501200100001000000.865
Pick 11000000101005002500250001000000.867
Pick 1200000054025012005000250001000000.843
Pick 1320000022285600370012000500001000000.827
Pick 14200000210453501100800025000500001000000.854
Pick 1520000001230120300280025000500001000001000000.854

As you can see, the number of picks goes from 1 to 15.  When it comes to odds, the best choice is to pick 10 or 11 numbers, that way you get the chance to win the top jackpot, but paid more for lower combinations (in comparison to picking 12-15 numbers).

Compared to other keno games online, RTG is not the best when it comes to winning odds, but it’s much much better to any land based keno game which usually pays below 70%.

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