The Particular Benefits of Online Keno

Online Keno for Real Money

For Keno lovers, being able to play real money Keno online is simply a beautiful thing, and one can play as little or as often as one wishes.  Keno has certainly come a long way from its traditional roots in Ancient China, with only occasional drawings and the results often being sent by carrier pigeon.

Nowadays, the carrier pigeons fly though cyberspace at the speed of light, and one does not even ever have to wait for a drawing, as the computers that run online Keno are at your beck and call anytime you desire a drawing to occur, 24 hours a day, and they do a drawing just for you.

Traditionally, Keno drawings consist of drawing 20 numbered balls from among a group of 80, numbered 1 through 80, and with physical drawings, well they take time to do and also to sort out the bets and post the results.  So while this is all a fairly simple undertaking, it does take time and effort, and most notably, it does require significant expense.

Real Casino Keno Limitations

Depending on how much resources a casino wishes to devote to Keno, and depending on how popular the game is at a given casino, they may run only occasional draws or draws every few minutes around the clock, but in all cases, this requires both dedicated casino space, a Keno room of sorts, and a staff.

Casino floor space can always be used for something else, some more slots or table games for instance, so a big part of the management of a land based casino is to make sure that each game and each space in the casino is pulling its weight so to speak.

Now casino management isn’t just out to maximize this, and they may be willing to accept less profit per square foot if a game adds to the variety they offer, and if not for this we would probably see a whole lot less Keno being offered at them.  Still though, the Keno games need to make money, so this is why the house edge is higher at them.

So you might see a house edge at Keno of a third to a half, meaning that for every dollar wagered, the casino returns 50 to 67 cents back to the player, as opposed to other casino games where the player gets back 95 cents on the dollar or more.

The Advantages of Online Keno Games

Online Keno games do not have any of these issues though, as computer servers both host the games in virtual space and do all the work, and while it does cost money to operate computers, the cost is pretty minimal compared to land based Keno operations.

While land based Keno games can and do use technology to assist them in offering their games, for instance using random number generators to instantly deliver drawings and sort out the bets, they still can’t get past the fact that they need to account for the expense of the space and the staff devoted to the game.

Online Keno though does not even require any human intervention at all, and is completely automated, and this also allows players to wager any time they wish, without the usual need for a certain number of players to wager in order to make the drawing worthwhile and economically feasible.

So instead of you waiting for the draws, as in land based Keno, with online Keno, the draws wait for you, and are ready to go anytime you are.

The biggest benefit, by far, that online Keno enjoys over traditional, land based Keno games, is that you don’t have to go anywhere to play Keno when you play online.

Even though there are more land based casinos these days, players may not be located anywhere near one, and even if they are, this involves actually going to the casino to play.  So at best, the times you can go will be fairly limited, if you can go at all, and a lot of people cannot.

There’s also additional expense involved in traveling to a land based casino, and while virtual casinos can’t really match the ambiance and experience of a land based casino, it does cost money to go there, and you will also be spending money while you are there.

The money you spend on Keno at an online Keno game all goes toward the Keno, and while you can enjoy other online gambling games while you are there, it isn’t necessary.  Being able to play Keno from anywhere in the world at any time, even on the go on your mobile devices, by simply logging on to the Keno sites and betting, is the ultimate in convenience and efficiency though.

Free Games

If you don’t have money to spend, but wish to play the game, online casinos allow you to play keno games for free, without the need to register or download some software.

Plus, you can make it more fun and use some casino no deposit bonuses and maybe win some money on the way.

Keno Bonuses

Another big benefit of online Keno is that there are a great many online establishments that are competing fiercely for your Keno play, and this allows for the best possible deals for players as they look to outdo one another with better payouts as well as enticing bonuses to attract and keep players.


Last, playing keno online, you will get much favorable odds, which will increase your play time and the possibility to win. The difference is tremendous: 50 yo 67 cents in live casinos vs. 85 to 95 cents online.

Bottom line

So while Keno is an enjoyable game under any circumstances and in any setting, online Keno has certainly opened up a whole new world of possibilities, and now anyone can play as much Keno as they want, any time they want, which has certainly taken the game to not only a whole new level but to the pinnacle of Keno enjoyment.

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