Slot Tournaments

Slot Tournaments are known to attract many fans and it’s no surprise that Online Slot Tournaments, became increasingly popular during the past few years and more and more online casinos started offering this type of events.

Unlike regular online slot machines, playing a slot tournament is more social since you are competing with other players. Playing online, you obviously don’t see them and yet you feel their presence. For those of us who are competitive in nature (I am!), playing in a tourney adds another layer of excitement. Seeing your name going up in the table with each good spin, getting closer to the big prize…

Another aspect of slot tournaments that many players like is that you know exactly how much money is on the line. If the entry fee is $5- that’s the maximum amount you can lose.

The chances of winning in a slot tournament depend on few factors such as the guaranteed prize pool, amount of participants and some other parameters. In general, chances of winning money by playing tourneys are higher than in regular slot play. You can find more details on our how to win a slot tournament guide.

CasinoPrize PoolPaidSigned 
Drake Casino$20,000
First 3000128
Tournament Details
Miami Club$15,000

First 1960119
Tournament Details

How do Slot Tournaments work

There are few types of tournaments, but the principal is pretty much similar. To enter the event you will need to pay an entry fee; unless it’s a free slot tournament of course. The entry fee you paid will be added to the prize pool.
To start the tournament you will get a certain amount of credits on a specific slot machine. The amount of credits and the name/number of the slot machine is specified in the tournament details. You will have a certain time to use all your credits; usually it varies between 10-30 minutes. After you finished your credits or after the time ended – whichever comes first- your results are taken and compared to all the other participants and if you finished in one of the winning spots, you are paid the amount of that spot. As you see it’s rather simple and fun.

Types and Basic Terms

As we’ve mentioned, there are many different types of tournaments.

Scheduled tournaments

Scheduled events attract the biggest crowds of slot fans. As the name implies they start and end at a specific time, for example on November 14th, from 12 AM to 12 PM. These tourneys can go for a short period of time, like 1 hour for very long periods, days, weeks and even for a month. The main advantage of scheduled slot tournaments is that usually the prize pool is much higher than in Sit-and-Go tournaments.

Sit and Go Tournaments

Sit and go tournaments do not have a fix schedule and they start the moment the needed amount of players entered the event. Usually there are less participants in this type of tournaments, can be even 5-10 players, therefore the prize pools are lower, but the chances of winning are much higher.

Additional terms that you should know before taking part in slot machine tournament:

Guaranteed Prize Pool

Guaranteed prize pool is the minimum prize pool that the casino guarantees the winners, no matter how many players will actually take part in that particular event. The prize pool can go higher according to the number of participants, but it can’t go lower. There is a big advantage in guaranteed prize pool slot tournaments – sometimes you can find one with very few participants and yet with a very high prize pool. Every day there are hundreds of online slot tournaments and if you pay attention, you can find the ones that will give you great winning odds.


Some tournaments you can play more than once. For example you played and weren’t lucky to reach one of the top spots, you can do a re-buy and to play it again. This option is usually available in scheduled events.

Online Slot Tournaments

As always, there are pros and cons for playing online. The obvious disadvantage is that you do not see your competitors (although sometimes it’s a good thing), but there are great advantages as well:

  1. Play as many tournaments as you can – as you see here, there are many casinos that offer online slot tournaments. You can sign to few of them and enjoy all the tourney they have to offer. If you want to play now and certain casino doesn’t have a slot tournament in the next hour- you can just open another one that does and start playing. Just make sure that you are playing only in licensed and reputable online casinos (you can pick one here or check our Online Slots for Real Money page.
  2. Knowing where you stand: unlike in land casinos, in online slot tournaments there is a live table which shows your current place and your competitors. For me, watching my name go up with each spin, is the most exiting part

How to play Slot Tournaments

Online Slot Tournaments

  1. Choose the casino you like from the ones listed here, sign up and make a deposit.(If you are looking to play a Free Slot Tournament, then you don’t need to make a deposit). If you already have an account in online casino that offers slot tournaments, you can just log in to that casino.
  2. Look for Slots Tournaments or Tournaments Lobby button. When you get to the slots tournaments lobby, as the one you see above, you will see a list of upcoming events. Click on the one you like and you will see the details appear on the right or on the left: prize pool, entry fee, time-frame, payout table, etc.
  3. Click the “Register” button – that’s it, your seat is saved.
  4. Now you can wait till the time it starts or you can leave and come back anytime during the period of the tournament. Whe it is live- just click on the “Play” or “Enter” button and Have Fun!
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