How to win at Slots

Best 9 Lines Slots

Slots with 9 paylines aren’t new to the industry but tend to be much rarer compared to a more standard number of paylines like 10, 20 or 25. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a good game out of them,

Best 3 Line Slots

While 5-reel slots are the standard nowadays, that wasn’t always the case. Initially, physical machines were usually played in a 3×3 block, with just one payline. Competition eventually increased the number of paylines to three, then five, before increasing reel

Best 10 Payline Slots

Unlike in the past, most current slots default to 5 reels and 25 – 50 paylines. Given the larger field, it only makes sense that you’d have a wider payline coverage, right? And yet, some games choose to keep a

Best 5 Lines Slots

Slots with 5 paylines are, in our opinion, the best classic slots you can come across. You do have some three-reel games which have more pay options, but they’re less frequent than 5 lines, 3 lines and 1 line slots.

Best 1 Line Slots

Modern slots are increasingly complex. As developers race to draw attention to themselves in an increasingly crowded field, they keep piling in more and more mechanics. Now, don’t get us wrong, this is perfectly fine! It drives innovation and helps

7 Slot Machine Strategies that Work (And 7 That Don’t)

Slot Machine Strategy

Everyone wants to win money when they’re playing slot machines. After all, that’s the whole point! But when you’re playing a game that is meant to be entirely random, how can you find real strategies that work? Here we break

Dragon Spin Slot

Dragon Spin Slot

Dragon Spin is an Asian-themed slot released in 2015 by Bally Technologies, an American gaming cabinets and software manufacturer. They are known for their branded games – Titanic, Pawn Stars, Michael Jackson King of Pop, Money Talks, etc. The 30-payline

Wild Pixies Slot

Wild Pixies Slot Machine Review

Brought to you by Pragmatic Play, Wild Pixies is a fantasy-themed slot featuring female and male fairies. On the reels, you will meet two male and two female Pixies that make the higher ends of the paytable. The rest of

Amazing Aztecs Slot

Amazing Aztecs Slot Machine Review

Aztec Empire ruled the area in and around the Valley of Mexico from the mid-15th century until its fall less than a century later, when the Spanish conquistadors destroyed this prosperous civilization. There are plenty Aztec themed slots out there,

Moody Fruits Slot

Moody Fruits Slot Review

Relax Gaming brings us a title that forgoes conventions in favour of something a little bit different. With a tree-filled garden as a backdrop, you’ll be juggling plenty of fruit in this video slot, with the possibility of taking home