Can you Stop the Reels on Winning Combination?

What is RTP in slots?

Many experienced players brag about their ability to spot the patterns of the slot machine and stop the reels on the winning combination.  “It comes with experience” they say.

On the other hand, there are those players that say that stopping the reels will prevent you from winning. Their reasoning is that the machine knows that you are impatient and playing fast, so it’s a good opportunity to take away your cash before you come back to your senses.

So who is right and who is wrong?

The answer is: none

The truth is that the result of the spin is determined the second you hit the spin button. In that moment, the slot machine “decides” what will be the final result of that particular spin.

We won’t get too much into how that works in this article, but just in few words: slots are operated by a mechanism called RNG or Random Number Generator. What this algorithm does is to generate random numbers in enormous speed. When you hit the spin button, the last random number gives the result of the spin.

Therefore, it really doesn’t matter what you do after you hit Spin: you can hit Stop, you can kiss your wife or husband, you can dance the Funky Chicken – none of these will affect the result.

I am fully aware that many of you won’t believe me. You feel you have the power to bit the slot by stopping the reels, and nothing I can say will convince you otherwise. And that’s fine. As long as you remember that gambling should be fun and play according to your budget – there is no harm in that.

For those that think that Funky Chicken might be the answer, here is a short video that will explain how it’s done 🙂

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