Multi Card Keno Game

Free Multi Card Keno

It may sound intimidating, but Multi-Card Keno is no more difficult than any single-card keno game you can find online. Standard keno is played with only one card per round, but Multi-Card Keno can be played with up to 20 cards simultaneously. When you’re playing with multiple cards, you rely on more than just one set of numbers for a payout. The fact that there are several other cards you can fall back on helps you get a return profit.

Multi-Card Keno is available online in free play mode and real money mode. Many players consider it the most advanced variation of the popular keno lottery-based gameplay. You can try your luck by switching among various sets of numbers, or playing the same numbers on each individual card at the same time.

Free Multi Card Keno

How Many Picks to Play?

In Multi-Card Keno, playing all the available cards will increase the wager by a factor of the number of cards you choose (four times for four cards, twenty times for 20 cards). Before starting, players select the number of cards and the number of digits they want to bet on. Usually, it is required to pick the same amount of numbers on each purchased card.

Specific varieties of Multi-Card Keno will allow 1-7 cards, but some can go up to 20 cards played at once. Each of the cards has 80 numbers on it and the player chooses anywhere from 1 to 20 numbers. The more numbers you pick, the higher the stakes get. The payouts get higher too, according to the pay-table seen on screen. The more you match, the more you win. It’s that simple.

There aren’t as many Multi-Card Keno games on the market compared to single-card keno games. You can find them at better equipped online casinos and gaming hubs.

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