Penny Slots

Penny Slots

The phrase “penny slots” refers to slot machines that accept wagers as low as $0.01. These days, most slots offer multiple line wagers and other bet multiplier options making most bets much more than a penny per spin. If a game can technically be played at $0.01 per round, it is considered a penny slot.

It’s clear why penny slot machines became so popular. The appeal of inexpensive entertainment is obvious. Penny slot machines can stretch a slim bankroll further than games with bigger bet requirements. Most people interested in low wager games are because they want more time on the gaming floor, not because they are chasing huge prizes.

It is true that payouts are generally smaller on games with lower bets. Yet, penny slot machines have still made a large number of millionaires. In 2014, a man in Las Vegas won a jackpot of more than $18 million on a minimum denomination slot. Big paydays can still happen, depending on the game.

Free Penny Slots Online

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Online Penny Slots

Online slot machines took another step in their evolution. It’s actually hard to find a classic penny slot machine on internet. Online penny slot machines offer a wider range of bets and denominations. The same slot can be a 1 cent slot machine and at the same time have an upper limit of $250 per spin. There are 3 main reason for that change:

  1. Technology – unlike in brick and mortar casinos, online slots are not limited by physical coins/chips/notes and can be changed with a click of a button.
  2. Appealing to wide range of players – Unlike in land casinos, online slot machines can be used by multiple players at the same time. Because of this possibility, operators want their slots to entice as many players as possible
  3. It allows players opportunities to get carried away – don’t forget, casinos are a business and they are here to make profit. If a player that normally bets $0.01 per spin starts playing $1, $5 or $10, the casino turnover will be 100+ times higher.

To bottom line: Online penny slots are similar to their brick and mortar versions. It is a great way to enjoy playing slots for real money without risking high stakes. The variety you can find on the internet is enormous. The tricky part of online penny slots is that in most cases, we have to limit the maximum bet per spin ourselves, since the machine won’t do it for us.

*If you are playing most of the time on your mobile, visit our mobile penny slots page to find which games are available on mobile.

How to Play?

People familiar with how a slot machines works will have no trouble playing penny-denomination games. There is no difference between these types of slots and any other. The majority of penny slot games is still on the simpler side. There are many “classic-style” games (with a single line and three reels) that offer penny wagers. Titles that aren’t simple single-line games offer fewer penny features than more “expensive” ones.

The only trick is to determine how much you want to wager per-spin; that means taking both credit size (the value in cash of each unit of a wager) and the number of credits under consideration. Bettors on a budget who want to squeeze as much play time as possible out of their bankroll should stick to the lower end of the scale, while players who don’t mind being a little risky can bet maximums in order to earn the biggest possible payouts.

How to Win at Penny Slots

Despite all the tips and myths that you read on the internet, the truth is there is no way to beat the system. You can not consistently win at penny slot machines. The only rule that we think that players should follow is to set up a limit of how much they bet per spin and to stick to it.

Penny slots can draw money faster than you would expect. It’s important that you won’t get carried away and start betting more money per spin.

There are tricks for getting freebies from the casino. Every penny you earn in rewards from the house is a thin slice of the casino’s advantage peeled away.

To walk out of the casino with a smile on your face you can either win a bunch of cash or have a great time. There’s no way to guarantee big wins, but you can try different tactics to keep the game enjoyable. Try changing pay-lines, rotating machines so you don’t fall into a routine and stop playing if you get emotional.

Penny slot games offer a lot of entertainment and can be played at a very low cost. A few lucky fans will win million-dollar jackpots. The rest of us will be content with the additional game time on penny-denomination slot games.

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